Food to Go ?

Living on the road every day activities can become a problem . Continue reading Food to Go ?

Princess on a Fork Lift

The weekend was spent in the East Kootenay region east of Cranbrook where I keep my much used RV trailer . It was time to do some maintenance on it and I had some issues with my pick up truck to sort out. This work could have been done at home in Calgary, but as you have probably realized , the charm of “Muppet Town” went for me along time ago. So any opportunity for me to spend some time away from the city , is eagerly taken. Jobs completed on Saturday I had time for an early Sunday morning … Continue reading Princess on a Fork Lift

Sweaty In Oregon

Following my perfect nights rest in my own ” Park for a Night” location in Nelson BC, I took breakfast by the creek, made a pot of coffee and headed for my reload of Lumber ( wood for you Brit readers )in Creston BC. With a little reluctance, I pulled out of my perfect spot and headed South on the 3A. Back towards the picture perfect town of Nelson . I don”t think there are many better drives to take in the morning , than the highway from Nelson to Creston . Stunning, no other words for it . The … Continue reading Sweaty In Oregon

Love Nelson

One of the many reasons I decided to go back on the road was to be able to work alone again. In my previous work ,I was surrounded by people asking me dumb questions all day, and if that was not enough to get on my goat , they would even text in the evenings with their childish excuses, as to why they won”t be at work the next day . I could write a book on the excuses I have heard. So starting my week in Calgary I off loaded Monday morning at a remote site in the South … Continue reading Love Nelson