Forty Years old , four boys and bored with my life . That’s what most people know as a midlife crisis and looking back it probably was . Instead of going out and getting a bad taste sports car or motorcycle ( fact is I already had those ) my wife and I decided to up sticks and move to Calgary, Alberta, Canada .

I think most people thought we were mad and probably be back to England in a flash , but I didn’t like the way things were going in England , so we gambled and moved .

The last ten years have been an adventure in many ways and living , working and travelling through Canada . Life here is very different and so I now feel I have been here long enough to get a true picture of the country and the people in it , so I have decided to share my views .

Now I don’t for a minute believe everyone is going to like or share all of my views or opinions and that”s a good thing , after all we are supposed to live in a country of free speech , however I am beginning to wonder about that . So please read, don”t get too offended if you don”t agree and remember your sense of humour , if you don’t have one then move on , don’t bother reading anymore and play golf or collect stamps or whatever it is you do . Thanks.


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