Views from the Cab 5

A Day in Seattle WA

My Thoughts Exactly
Pikes Place Seattle
Mum would love this picture
And this one
The Market began when local Farmers in the Seattle area , decided to sell directly to the local people, cutting out the middle man . Good Ideas last !
The Market is best known for its Fish stalls
Fresh Produce is also readily available on a daily basis
The locals even have good taste in Motorcycles. This German classic is used daily .
Sweet and healthy !!
Time for a bit of sea air. The view from top of the market building
Well its noon somewhere. Time for a beer.
Even the Pub had plenty to look at
One more flower picture for Mum.
Money for the market is raised by selling theses brass pig foot prints which are laid into the Market floor. Smart idea ?
Beer and Ice cream ? What a place this is
Lunchtime ?
Don”t have classy looking buildings like this back in Muppet town
Something tells me I am now in Post Alley
You Guessed it !

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