Monday Bloody Monday ?

Pot of Gold ?

Sometimes your day just doesn”t go the way you expected it to . One of the attractions of this job for me . No two days are the same, but sometimes I just imagine how my day should go and plan accordingly. Foolish .

Monday morning arrived quicker than usual. I had reloaded on Saturday morning and arrived back in Muppet Town late Saturday afternoon. In order to reset my weekly hours,I had to take a minimum of 36 hours break , so I left the house at 5.30 am and made my way to my weekend parking area, ready to start my week.

I should have known I was in for a different day when I was greeted with a fantastic rainbow when putting away my weeks supplies into the truck .

The plan was fairly simple . Muppet Town to Cranbrook BC. Drop some paperwork into the office. Cross the border at Eastport Idaho . Then a couple of hours later arrive at Deer Park ,Washington with my load of lumber. Approximately 8 hours including the border crossing and fuel.

With Muppet Town in my mirrors I joined the Cowboy Trail and headed south .

At this time of year “animal strikes” are a real danger and with this in mind, I kept my eyes peeled as I rolled along the foothills area. After around an hour on this road, I suddenly saw a large female Moose running straight towards the road and on a direct collision course with me . Although my truck is fitted with a large metal grill and bumper, a Moose is not an animal you want to come into contact with . Luckily for me she suddenly changed direction and the problem was averted. The theme of the day to come .

There”s a Moose Loose !!

The remainder of the trip down to Cranbrook was relatively quiet. I went through a couple of heavy rainstorms and crossed a scale when entering BC, but nothing out of the usual.

Parked up in the yard and put my pile of paperwork in the office I got ready to head to the border. When doing a walk around check of the truck, I noticed a “chunk” taken out of one of my tires on the trailer. It was so deep I had to get it to the tire repair shop immediately ,as it would be to dangerous to carry on .

Delay number one . Despite being close to the yard and there was little delay in getting in a bay , it still took over an hour out of my day to get the new tire fitted.

Problem averted.

I was getting ready to leave , when I received a message to stay where I was. It turns out that one of the companies trucks had a mechanical issue and it was on my route. Could I take some spare parts down to the stranded driver?No problem .Apart from I had to wait for the parts to be delivered to me . More delays .

Parts on board, I arrived at the border. Paperwork all good, I crossed into the US . Within 100 yards on entering the country I was met with a DOT inspection station set up on the road side.Great!

I was waived in and informed by the officer that he would be carrying out a full inspection and requested my license and paperwork. Over the next 45 minutes he thoroughly went over my truck and trailer checking, tires, brakes, lights, air lines, and all other components to ensure my truck , trailer and paperwork was all legal and safe .Turns out it was the right decision to get that tire changed.

Delay over and with no major faults found( and no violations) problem averted, Next stop? The stranded truck driver.

With an accurate description where he was parked I had no problem in finding him . A little knuckle scraping and a few choice words later , his truck was up and running and my day could continue .

Problem averted.

My next scheduled stop was some twenty minutes along, to fill up with cheaper US diesel. Unfortunately , a further delay was about to change those plans . The DOT scale was open as usual. I cross this scale two or three times a week and I knew I was legal on my weights . So it was somewhat surprising when I got a red light and the message to ” Bring in Papers ” appeared on the digital screen.

It appears that someone in the office forgot to renew my overweight permit for Idaho and they were not happy about it. Delay.

A few phone calls and a little negotiations on my behalf, a $53 fee and little humble pie eating, I had a new permit.

Problem averted,

Fuel and a free coffee to go, I contacted the customer to inform them I would be there in a couple of hours only to be told , that they close at 4 pm and therefore I would have to wait till the morning .

Problem not averted!

The numerous delays had finally took their toll and I was the one paying.

Oh well , just goes to show that even the simplest of plans can go awry.

Quote of the Day

Its a bad day, not a bad life .

Not enough horse power for me

Actually it was a great day, just a little different that is all. I got to the customer around 5.15 local time and parked for the night in their spacious yard, which even had a field for my dog to run around in . Happy Monday !

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