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The weekend was spent in the East Kootenay region east of Cranbrook where I keep my much used RV trailer . It was time to do some maintenance on it and I had some issues with my pick up truck to sort out. This work could have been done at home in Calgary, but as you have probably realized , the charm of “Muppet Town” went for me along time ago. So any opportunity for me to spend some time away from the city , is eagerly taken.

Jobs completed on Saturday I had time for an early Sunday morning walk around Surveyors Lake. A very small lake by Canadian standards. To be honest its more like a pond, but an interesting walk all the same, because of the many Turtles that can be seen basking in the morning sun .

Easy Like Sunday Morning
I like this picture

. Fun time over, it was time to take the truck to Calgary, for a quick overnight stay in Muppet Town, I needed to get some washing done and re-stock the fridge with food for next weeks trip.

I planned to leave early afternoon, hoping to miss all the other people heading back. Clearly others had the same idea and the drive home was not that pleasant at all .

Monday morning. With clean clothes and a well stocked fridge ( I rarely eat in truck stops) we set off for my delivery of lumber to a yard in North West Edmonton .

The Highway from Calgary to Edmonton can be a busy route, but on this day the road was relatively quiet . I have driven this road so many times, to be honest its pretty boring and the views are nothing special . Some 3 boring hours later we stopped to re-fuel, at Nisku Alberta.

Fuel is the highest variable cost of trucking, so choosing wisely where you re-fuel your truck can save a considerable amount of money each month . Fuel here is a little cheaper than others in the area and definitely a lot cheaper than re-fueling in British Columbia.Plus I get a free coffee. Bonus!

Full tanks and a fresh coffee to go , I arrived at the delivery point some twenty minutes later . Here is where my relaxing Monday morning ended.

Very few trucks load or unload themselves. Most drivers have to rely on others to complete the task. Therefore ,these people can have a huge impact on my working day. Time is money after all, but clearly this little Princess did not think so !

I had called this customer some three hours before arriving to let them know when they could expect to see me . Most times you do this , you get the receiving office or warehouse and they are only too glad to hear from you . After all, its their goods your carrying,

This particular customer is different , in that you actually speak to one of the numerous fork lift operators that work in the yard . His response was somewhat surprising. He explained that he was “very busy” and I should be grateful if I get unloaded at all . Interesting? .

I was expecting to see a fully packed yard with waiting trucks backed up to the road, so I was somewhat surprised to see the complete opposite.

Early signs were good. Within a couple of minutes of stopping I received instructions from one of the office staff ” Park there, and someone will be over to you soon, start taking the straps off your load “. Happy Monday!

Or so I thought . Some twenty minutes later, all straps were removed and put away. I was ready to be off loaded . No one appeared. The yard was completely empty, not a truck or forklift in sight.So I waited. Waited some more and then just a little more . Finally, some 30 minutes later a fork lift operator came over on his yellow machine, only to inform me I was parked in the wrong place and that it was a “very busy yard” and could I move over approx 10 feet?

Obviously he was expecting more trucks to arrive any minute, so with a fake grin on my face , I moved the truck to his preferred spot . I then decide to walk my dog, to relieve the tension somewhat.

Twenty minutes later I returned to find that nothing had changed. Yard was still empty and my bloody load was still on the trailer!

“Easy now , calm down ” I was busy telling myself.

I have learnt to control my once quick temper. It has taken a lot of practice and this narrow minded individual was testing its limits. One thing I have realized is that people like this are full of their own self importance and it makes them feel good that you have to wait for them. If you let them upset you by getting mad, you actually let them win, by ruining your day.

So I sat , smiled and made a coffee and eventually he wondered over and started to take the first lifts of lumber off my trailer . Even in this task , he was taking one bundle at a time , then running it into the warehouse . Given that the yard was empty and it was a beautiful dry day , most operators would take all the bundles from the trailer and place them down next to the truck, then put them away once I had left .

Satisfaction comes to those that wait. Clearly the princesses little game had not gone unnoticed . After roughly two hours of this circus show going on , the very same guy from the office, who greeted my arrival to the site , came out to inquire ‘Why I was still there?”.

I simply told him to watch the activities himself and he would soon figure it out . I then watched as he called the princess over a gave him ,in no uncertain terms, complete dressing down which he clearly found uncomfortable , especially when he saw my stupid smug grin .

Happy Monday ? Of course it is . Don”t let them grind you down! . The next time you come across a Princess like this guy , just smile and carry on . After all who cares?

Just as a foot note, I went to my re load in Edson AB, where I was loaded inside half an hour, by two of the nicest operators you could wish to meet.

See Princess, your out numbered mate . Twat .

Quote of the Day

“Smiling doesn”t necessarily mean you are happy. Sometimes it just means you”re strong “

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