Love Nelson

One of the many reasons I decided to go back on the road was to be able to work alone again.

In my previous work ,I was surrounded by people asking me dumb questions all day, and if that was not enough to get on my goat , they would even text in the evenings with their childish excuses, as to why they won”t be at work the next day . I could write a book on the excuses I have heard.

So starting my week in Calgary I off loaded Monday morning at a remote site in the South Eastern part of the city . To my relief ,I did not have to put my bullet proof “Monkey Suit” on ( safety boots, hard hat,safety glasses and viz vest ) Don”t get me wrong, I am all about working safely, but like most things today, its got completely out of hand . Soon we will be wearing a hard hat to reach for the chicken soup on the top shelf of the supermarket.

So with the straps off and curtains open I was unloaded in no time , all whilst wearing safety flip flops, shorts and sunglasses . My reload was less then a mile down the road and I knew my luck would not last. A huge signs telling me to Stop! and put on the Monkey outfit .Oh well can”t win them all I guess .

Loaded and out of there in an hour and pleased to get out of this city. After twelve years of living in Calgary, the city has changed beyond the point of me wanting to live there. So I am never sad to see the city skyline dissapear in my rear view mirrors .

When heading to the East Kootenay region I always take the 22 south (cowboy trail) as it is locally known . My kind of road. Great views, always changing with the seasons, long sweeping bends and a road that keeps you interested . The only downside is coming up behind a motor home, loaded to the rafters with everything you could possibly want for a “get back to nature week ” ( Flat screen TV, leather couches and fully loaded kitchen ) Travelling at a ridiculously slow speed. Obviously its aging pilot thinks that cos he has all the time in the world, so does everyone else ! Calgary Muppet!

With a little persistence, I managed to pass by the rolling road block and continue on with my day .

My load was booked in for 7 pm at a well known chain of hardware stores, so I was in no real hurry to get there, but never the less, I still arrived 2 hours early .

Now in Muppet town ( Calgary ) this would cause a major problem and I would have to sit around waiting until my booking time. Not in small town BC. The amiable lady looking after receiving, was only to happy to start unloading . Without any fuss or bother,( That means no Monkey Suit ) my trailer was unloaded and after fueling up , a hot shower, I settled down to a good supper. After long evening walk, I was ready for a good nights sleep.

“We have a special mission, if you choose to accept it ”

That was the message from the office. Always up for a different day , I eagerly set off for a small hardware store in Wasa BC, where I was to collect a load of lumber to deliver down to Nelson BC . Perfect .

After squeezing into a yard that was never designed for trucks of this size , loading started . The fork lift operator must have been the oldest still working in Western Canada and definitely the slowest . After striking the trailer on numerous occasions( no damage was done , in case you were worried ) loading took over two hours and still required tidying up by the owner of the establishment, who thanked me for my patience and understanding . Good job he did not meet me six months earlier , as I had neither of these attributes.

With the summer heat building, I had worked up quite the sweat, not through hard work of strapping the load down , but through maintaining my cool under extreme pressure . Feeling proud of myself, we headed South on the 93 before heading West on the 3 then into Nelson on the 6 North. I say we , because I have my 4 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier with me on my travels . Working alone is great , but I do need some company and he never asks a stupid question and always turns up for work .

Arrived at Nelson around 4.30 pm .Wow !!! What a beautiful place . I have wanted to get to this part of southern BC for sometime. The wait was worth it . The view form the road bridge that dominates the town was simply beautiful . ( see below, I was not making it up )

Instructions to my delivery point were a little vague to say the least. “20 clicks past Nelson , turn right when you see a bridge” So it was with a little relief that I managed to find the compound belonging to BC Parks ,where the material I had ,was to made into some new park benches . ( Maybe , they had a back log of deceased people , wishing to have a park bench named after them ?)

Once again, no fuss or bother ( No Monkey suit required ) even though they were not expecting me until the next night . Apparently communication in this government department was like all rest , S##T .

Unloading was not the quickest, but who cares , the sound of the nearby creek filled the air and my new found patience flowed along side it .

Then the best news . I was told by the park dude, that I was welcome to park up and spend the night next to the creek . He would close the gate allowing me to have the whole area to myself ( and dog )

So after cooking supper , with a cup of tea in hand , Monty and I spent the next hour strolling through the park until the lack of daylight forced us back to the truck where I had the best of nights sleep .A perfect working day Alone !

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