Back Behind The Wheel

Why Now? Why go back to trucking . Well the truth is , it just felt right and for the first time in a long time I found myself in a position where I could actually do it .

With my family growing and becoming more independent , my wife was able to take the opportunity of returning to full time work, with all the benefits that brings . At the same time , I had grown tired of working in a job that I hated with people that irritated me endlessly. Enough was enough. Time for a change .

Trucking has always been a ” go to ” job for me . I love to travel and love to work alone , with everyday been varied and interesting .

At first I went back into the industry, around a years ago, working part-time on a car hauler for a well known car rental company. This was interesting work , at first . But , with limited locations and basically working only locally I soon became tired of this job and when the truck they supplied turned out to be very unreliable, I made the decision to move on .

Through and local contact , I then started running to Texas and southern USA hauling frozen loads of French Fries ( chips ) for a well fast food chains delivering to the Mexican Border .

This work provided the variety and interest I was looking for, but the people who organized the runs, to be honest, could not organize a bun fight at a bakery or a piss up in a brewery ( you get the picture) I would sit around for days, either waiting to get off loaded or reloaded. As I was paid by the mile , these days did not make me any money and eventually it became clear they had very little work and we parted company by mutual agreement .

If at first you don”t succeed, try, try again . Third times a charm and all that After a little research , a little door knocking and looking in a completely different region, I finally seem to have found a trucking firm that will work for me .

Working mainly in Western Canada and North Western USA, I get to travel through some of the most beautiful mountainous regions of North America . The company seems to have plenty of regular work and they are organized .

So after a short trial period, I feel the time is right to start blogging my trips and working week . I will make these a diary of events, mixed with pictures and a little humor and maybe a few controversial thoughts

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