Winter Blues ( Part 2)

Winter Blues ( Grow Some !)

Well the storm finally past and the back-breaking work of snow clearing is somewhat complete . ( Apart from the lazy trailer trash at the end of the street , who never clear their sidewalk , too busy collecting government benefits to have the time for that  I”m sure )

According to local news reports a total of 20 cm of snow fell over the city during the 24 hour storm . Not sure where they were measuring , but we had more than that in my neighbourhood !

With over a 100 car accidents recorded , the usual lack of driving skills combined with impatience and general stupidity ,were probably responsible for most of these .May be when the driver is replaced by a computer, we can improve this. Still I’m sure the local tow truck operators and car body repair shops wont mind that . I think this number would have been a lot higher if most people hadn’t thought “sod it ” and stayed home during the height of the storm !

The one major highway running from Calgary to Vancouver  faced multiple closures and the city trains and buses are still not running on time. But they are running at least .

So , even in a country that has  snow  every winter life , can still be a struggle at times and people’s lives face temporary disruption. But that’s all it is temporary . In fact life gets back to normal very quickly .

Today the sun is out , the sky is blue and spring is round the corner ( hopefully)

Calgary AB February 9th 2018 . Temperature -31 degrees C ( Why did I move here !!!)

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