Boring Teenagers ?

The term cookie cutter is used here when referring to things that are all the same , most commonly used to describe the endless houses that are being built-in an ever-expanding city. Some of the newer areas look like something built in Eastern Europe during the 1960″s , with all the buildings coloured and looking the same .

This term can also be extended to describe some of the  teenagers living within those houses . Recently I had the task of picking up one of my sons from his junior high school ( Not something I enjoy doing )and couldn’t help noticing how all kids in my sons grade dressed and looked similar .To be honest very boring .

What happened to rebellious teenagers  who went out their way to be different from their parents and each other ? These teens all looked uniform, similar hair cuts and clothing styles to most of their parents, waiting in their mini vans . God help us the future looks grey at this rate .

Thankfully one girl with purple hair, restored my belief that some  individuals still do their own thing, regardless of what people think .

Dare to be different . Not a cookie !

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