Canada Area      9985 million square kilometers UK Area              241,590 square kilometers Canada, the second biggest country in the world after Russia. This place is bloody huge . I come from a  tiny country where you can drive from one end to another in a day , well […]

Winter Blues ( Grow Some !) Well the storm finally past and the back-breaking work of snow clearing is somewhat complete . ( Apart from the lazy trailer trash at the end of the street , who never clear their sidewalk , too busy collecting government benefits to have the time for that  I”m sure […]

Day 6 . Boat Trip  Ucluelet/Broken Islands British Columbia . Now I am a huge fan of the internal combustion engine and a driving enthusiast . I love all things motorized ( apart from mini vans……see previous posts ) and love to drive , whether for a living or for pleasure . But today is […]

Day 5 Road Trip : Ucluelet to Tofino . Weather on the west coast of Vancouver Island can be unpredictable at best , so even in the driest summer experienced by Western Canada in years ,you can still get a damp start to your day . After a large cooked breakfast made on the barbecue […]

Day 4     Road Trip Victoria to Ucluelet . Get the hell  out-of-town , before Monday morning traffic builds up too much and reminds me of home . The trans Canada highway (Highway 1) begins its 8000 kilometer  journey across the country from here in Victoria . So here we go again, this time […]